Ruhe nach dem Sturm 2019

Hier die Vinyl-Playlist „Stille nach dem Sturm“ (24.12.19 ab 23 Uhr in der Christuskirche Düsseldorf) zum nachbasteln.

Johann Sebatian Bach – BWV 952 (G. Gould)
Martin L. Gore – By this river
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Air
Roger Webb – Moonbird
The Cure – All Cats are grey
This Mortal Coil – Help me lift you up
Ryuichi Sakamoto – After all
Caetano Veloso – Canto de Arforcé Para o locode Ile (?)
Lambchop – Bugs
Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi
2001 OST – Ganyme Ballet Suit
Gorillaz – Cloud of unknowing
Vangelis – Bade Runner Blues
Once upon a Time in America OST (Moroder) – Cockeye’s Song
Lalo Schifrin – Agnus Dei
Luiz Bonfa – Tristes
Seu Jorge – Life on mars
Art of Noise – Moments of Love (Beaten)
Radiohead – Day dreaming
Moonrise Kingdom OST – The heroic Weather Conditions of the Universe, Pt. 7
Blumfeld – Schnee
O Brother where art thou? OST – Down the river to pray
Human League – Toyota City
Philip Glass – Changing Oppinion
Twin Peaks OST – Falling
Raz O Hara – Love for Mrs Rhodes
Talk Talk – I believe in you
Björk – All is full of love
The Profi OST (Morricone) – Chi Mai
Beck – Wave
Conrad Standish – Diamonds, Fure Coats, Champagne
Minnie Ripperton – Lovin‘ you
Hildegard Knef – Ich liebe Euch (Koze RMX)
Herb Alpert – Christmas Song
Isobel Campbell – The Breeze whispers your name
Barry Lyndon OST – Schubert Opus 100
Jozef van Wissem – Love destroys all evil
Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling (Peel Session)
Air (Virgin Suicide OST) – Afternoon Sister
Prefab Sprout – Andromeda Heights
Flaming Lips – Ogey Mlodey (?)
Prelude – After the Goldrush
Tears for Feras – Head over Heels (RMX)
Bon Iver – Woods

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